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Professional B2B Marketing Insights

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Service Description

It is frustrating to see your marketing efforts getting sidelined and your projects delayed, especially those that will impact your business and its growth. As they say, no man is an island, and never is this more true than when you are trying to finish an initiative or product launch. Ironically you can FEEL like an island when you don't have the needed staffing to support your initiatives. I'll give you a quick example: Let's say you have a launch scheduled for the next quarter and you haven't finalized pricing. Maybe your margin is too thin and you are still negotiating better costs. Or you are not sure what pricing the market can bear and are knee-deep in competitive research before getting consensus from leadership. Whatever the hold-up, without pricing your sales team won't have the ability to quote and make a sale, your order entry can't accept an order and your operations team won't be able to invoice your client. Why? Because all three of those outcomes require system set up of the product in various systems, and that workflow involves multiple approval steps and other departments "doing" the work. Such coordination is hard to arrange on the fly. Often participating corporate functions require their own window of time to do product set-up work alongside their other activities. This can be applied to initiatives as well as product launches. Sitting down (Virtually!) with a B2B marketing product and communications expert can help you hone-in on what needs fixing and determine your most productive next steps to keep your projects moving. Let's get you back on track. Schedule a call today.

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To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours in advance.

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