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The Experience Share for B2B marketers

Welcome to my blog! It is dedicated to my fellow B2B Product Marketers managing multiple initiatives, trying to also be the quasi-expert on all things business and marketing. This blog, The Experience Share for B2B Marketers, will feature helpful articles tuned in to your needs.

I've worked in product marketing and marcom in the B2B space for 30 years and I consider myself well versed in foundational marketing. Even so, related topics like social media, content atomization, lead generation, email marketing and customer advocacy (to name just a few!) required staying current with new trends - not always easy when you were backed up launching products.

That's some of what I'd like to cover in these blogs, but in a straightforward manner. Too often, revising go to market strategies and adding new investments on the fly can lead a business down a rabbit hole if the basics are not understood.

As this blog grows, look for practical and common sense how-to's along with some new ideas for B2B product marketers. Stay tuned in for my guest bloggers with experience in executive coaching, product marketing and entrepreneurial development who will be contributing with their own take on leadership and innovation.

If there is a topic you'd like explored/explained here in The Experience Share for B2B Marketers, contact us below. Thanks for visiting! Suzanne

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