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Editorial Services

I am a proofing nerd and love reviewing website pages, articles, blogs and social posts to make your business look better online.

Business Editing, Proofing and Copywriting

As a freelance editor/proofer/copywriter, I enjoy helping people ensure their websites, blogs, articles and social media posts are free of typos and properly worded (without overwriting their own voice). I specialize in Marketing Project Management, but time and time again, I found that my natural inclination to read and proof has become the first point of collaboration when I first work with someone new.

Not surprising given that I am an English major and have edited and written technical documents, user manuals, brochures, product webpages, newsletters, lead generation emails, social media posting, magazine articles and more as a Senior Marketing Manager in the B2B Print & Communication space. In the past 30 years, I have worked in Corporate America for iconic B2B brands, such as: Kodak, Canon USA, Fujifilm N.A., Mitsubishi Imaging, Oce North America and Quadient. See my About KPM page to learn more about my corporate experiences.

I am now a solopreneur, freelance Marketing Consultant, utilizing my expertise from past roles in Marketing Communications, Event Management, Product Marketing, and a series of unique, one-off Project Management assignments to help my clients with a variety of needs.  The heavy lifting of starting your own business is real, LOL, but I love the continual learning. In 2022 I learned WIX to build my own website, then became agency certified with SEMRUSH for SEO and proficient in technical website audits. In early 2023 I joined the Editorial Freelancers Association to support the editorial and proofing services I offer.

Please check out my Editorial Freelancers Association profile and if you have an online project that needs some proofreading or editing, or you require a copywriter, reach out and let’s chat!  Suzanne

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