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Kinder Pointe Marketing Services

B2B companies often have too many initiatives and projects to manage efficiently, which causes high frustration and delays in realizing important and expected business results. Bringing in a contracted marketing specialist can help close the gap these businesses face between projects to finish and the resources on hand. 

I specialize in B2B Marketing strategy for small and mid-sized businesses. With three full decades of diverse B2B marketing experiences, there are very few scenarios I have not already managed.  Book a consultation if you just need some review and advice.

Also check out my Plans and Pricing page to set budget ranges internally for your unfinished projects, or to go ahead contract for the help you need. As a contracted marketing specialist, I can contribute as many - or as few - hours as your needs call for. I work in block hour contracts of 10 hours, so no on-going retainer is required to contract my services.

Ready to finalize your marketing projects

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